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Welcome to The Best HIPAA Products in the World

HIPAA Training

HIPAA Training is mandatory, but training doesn't have to be expensive or boring. Online or offline, HIPAA Group has the just the right compliance training for you and your staff. See our HIPAA training tools below and choose the best training for your needs.

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Online Training

Your destination for 24/7 HIPAA Training. With online courses ranging from Basic to Masters, we have your level of training covered for the best pricing anywhere in the world!

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HIPAA Compliance

Our compliance tools are affordable, and most are available via immediate digital download when purchased. Protect your practice, your staff, and your patients while you minimize your risk of HIPAA violations.

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HIPAA Awareness

How do you maintain HIPAA awareness between training sessions? The answer is just a click away. Find the best HIPAA Awareness Tools above and help your workforce stay smart about HIPAA all year long.

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Business Associates

Doing business with HIPAA regulated entities, means you'll need HIPAA Resources and Training. Learn more about our professional HIPAA products and training created just for your needs when dealing with your medical clients.

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Assessment Tools

Are You Fully Compliant with the HIPAA Final Rule? How well does your workforce know HIPAA? Not sure? These products are designed to help gauge your company and workforce's level of HIPAA Compliance and knowledge.

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